My Children do no wrong in my Eyes, but my spouse does; Everyday

My Children do no wrong in my Eyes, but my spouse does; Everyday

October 06, 2016

When we become mothers, our hearts grow bigger than we ever imagined possible. We immediately love our babies and cannot imagine life without them. We long to meet their every need, to kiss them continuously, joyfully prepare their meals, make sure they are clean and well taken care of. We forget, at times, how our bodies are forever changed because of them.

When they are sick, we revolve our whole day around their care. We check on them constantly.

When they spit newly spoon fed mush in our faces, we laugh it off. They didn't know what they were doing. They just knew they didn't like the new vegetable you tried to feed them.

When they ruin one of our favorite tops with chocolate milk or another gooey substance, we say, 'its just a shirt' and move on.

When they slam the door in our face and tell us what a horrible parent we are, we immediately try to fix what just happened. We try to talk them down and explain why we had to be the parent and why their punishment met the behavior.

When our children constantly give us reasons to be angry, hold a grudge, give them the cold shoulder, go to bed without saying good night, stop giving hugs and kisses, yell what's exactly on our mind, we forgive and forget; as if they have never wronged us.

We cannot even fathom sending our children to bed without tucking them in. We would never give them the cold shoulder over spilled milk. We wouldn't stop greeting them with a warm smile as soon as they walk in the door over something that happened yesterday.

So why is this sort of reactive behavior OK when our spouse does something that we do not agree with??

They leave the toilet seat up, for the 100th time, and we yell at them.

They forget the one thing on the grocery list, you reminded them about several times and we give them the side eye. For the rest of the evening.

They ask if the laundry is done, because they are down to their last pair of socks, and we immediately say something to the extent that they could easily help with laundry if they needed it bad enough.

They don't compliment the clean house. They fail to notice the new haircut. They prop their feet up after a long hard day of work, while the kids are running around, dishes piled up and you have already answered why the sky is blue for the millionth time that day.

We don't think twice about giving our spouses the cold shoulder, the silent treatment, going to bed without saying goodnight, keeping physical intimacy from them, talking to them in a condescending manner, holding grudges, and the list can go on on. 

We immediately forgive and forget when our children do wrong because of the long term effects it could have on their emotions, their growth and development, how they view of us as a mom.

We fail to notice the same lasting effects can happen in our marriages.

One does not just wake up one day and decide to quit. This thinking happens over a course of time, until one day, they decide they've had enough and they are done.

Our spouse is supposed to be the next priority after God.

Not the children, your job, friends, parents, pride, agenda, to-do list, etc.

Today I challenge you, LOVE your spouse, SPEAK to your spouse, TREAT your spouse, and RESPECT your spouse like you do your children. Pray for God to guide your words, your actions and thoughts to be in line with his. Let's be wives that make our husbands anxious to come home to.

"Her children arise and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her: Many woman do noble things, but you surpass them all."

Proverbs 31:28-29


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